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NIJI Concrete Lamp

4500 USD

The result of a collective effort of designers from Switzerland, Iceland, Korea, Ukraine and Turkey.

Simply spin the top part to adjust the colour of the light and choose from millions of different tones.

Made with Saharan sand and metal reinforced Italian concrete, and food-grade translucent elastic tubing. Runs on open-source Arduino and three sustainable high-voltage LED RGB lights. The turning mechanism is made with laser-cut plywood.

Click here to see it in action.

This is a special limited-edition NIJI Lamp with the highest quality materials known-to-man. It's handmade and carries the asymmetrical signs of human touch, a true masterpiece that merges technology and craftsmanship.

Handmade in Milano, Italy. Saharan Sand brought from Egypt, Sahara Desert.

You will be able to speak with the designers to get insights on the production of NIJI and ask for recommendations for styling and positioning the lamp.

Daniel Botev
Kristj√°n Ingvarsson
Min Jeong
Maxim Iovchev
Mert Erdir

Participation in Maker Faire Rome
Cum Laude in Istituto Europeo di Design

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